Since 1986, Bruington Engineering, LLC has been providing superior technical and operational expertise to clients for all phases of drilling, completion, production engineering, and economic analysis. It also provides consulting services to professional firms and financial institutions. It is the sole source for all your petroleum engineering and consulting needs.

In addition to our core competency of drilling and completion design and operations, and our loyal, professional on-site supervisors, we excel in many other areas. Let us help you with log interpretation and analysis, property evaluation, reserve and risk analysis, overall reservoir interpretation, facility design and installation, pipeline design and installation, specialized engineering troubleshooting, geological and geophysical analysis and modeling, and total well project supervision. Highly detailed cost analysis, AFE generation, and HPHT work is a trademark of our company.

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  • Vertical, directional, and horizontal wellbore design
  • Casing and cementing design
  • Drill string and bit hydraulics
  • Required drilling equipment and rig selection
  • Onsite rig inspections
  • Comprehensive cost estimates and AFE preparation
  • Continued engineering support throughout the drilling process
  • Full drilling program deliverable that includes
    • Detailed procedure
    • Casing, bits, cementing, BHA, drill string specifics, etc.

Completions & Workovers

  • Vertical, directional, and horizontal wellbores
  • Full detailed procedure deliverable
  • Tubing, packer, and downhole tool selection
  • Perforation selection and flow tests
  • Fishing and snubbing procedures
  • Flowing wells and wells on artificial lift
  • Continued engineering support from start to finish

Well Stimulation

  • Acid and hydraulic fracture stimulation design
  • Optimized pump schedules, perforation selection, and stage intervals
  • Full fracture model and optimization using Fracpro software
  • CO2 and N2 fracture design
  • Conventional and unconventional reservoirs
  • Well-site engineer to record data and make on the fly decisions during pumping

Special Projects & Environmental

  • Disposal well design, execution, and servicing
    • Produced water and mud slurry injection
    • Up to 9-5/8” production casing and 7” tubing
  • Acid gas injection well design, execution, and servicing
    • Up to 72% CO2 content and up to 28% H2S content
  • Geomechanical pumped storage well design and execution
    • Renewable energy that utilizes conventional drilling processes

Economics, Reservoir, and Geological

  • Reserve calculations, production forecast, cash flow projections, estate and property evaluations
  • Acquisition and divestiture consulting
  • Risk analysis
  • Pressure transient analysis
  • Log evaluation
  • Prospect evaluation
  • Geologic maps and cross-sections
  • Membership to Balcones Energy Library, Inc. provides access to logs, maps, scout tickets, completion information and production histories

Facility Installation

  • Design and sizing of equipment that includes: separators, line heaters, heater treaters, meter runs, dehydrators, flowlines, and compression
  • Full onsite supervision during installation and testing

Property Management & Operations Consulting

  • Asset purchase and sales consultation
  • Field contract management
  • Pumping service personnel and office engineering service
  • Field monitoring, production planning and optimization

Wellsite Supervision

Bruington Engineering, LLC provides specialized well-site supervision for almost any oilfield related task including but not limited to: drilling, completions, frac, facility, pipeline, and construction.Our supervisors are a loyal group of experienced individuals, motivated to always represent our company and clients in the most reputable way possible.

Our proprietary system of new supervisor selection (and retention) has allowed Bruington Engineering, LLC to maintain a high degree of respect in the industry. We have always believed that not only should a field supervisor possess the proper skill set for a particular job, but also possess the right character traits that mesh well with that of each individual client. Therefore, we believe our proprietary system of client/supervisor matching provides immediate and positive results to the operation.