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Statement from Steve Bruington, President of Bruington Engineering, LLC

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As the company begins its 32nd year of operation, I would like to personally thank all of our business associates for the opportunity to work together.

We look forward to a dynamic and prosperous 2018.  My involvement will not be diminished as we push forward with new projects and the associated challenges. I will continue to serve as President of the Company and will be intimately involved with the daily operations the same as I have in the past.  I am here to reassure you of my total commitment to achieving the company’s Vision Statement which states:

“Bruington Engineering, LLC provides superior technical and operational expertise to oil and gas operators in all phases of drilling, completion, production engineering and economic analysis.  It also provides consulting services to professional firms and financial institutions.

Our people behave ethically by being truthful, courteous and respectful.  We value professionalism, long term relationships and effective communication, both internally and with our customers and vendors.

Customer service is our first priority.  The company’s goal is to maintain a reputation capable of attracting customers by effectively identifying and serving their individual needs.”

I look forward to continuing to partner with you in the coming years and welcome you to please contact me directly with any comments or concerns.


Steven L. Bruington, P. E.

President of Bruington Engineering, LLC

SPE/IADC Paper 179715

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SPE/IADC Paper 179715, “Rejuvenating the Buda Limestone Reservoir in Texas by Using Crude Oil and Nitrogen Injection in Underbalanced Regime: Case History,” was recently presented at the 2016 SPE/IADC Managed Pressure Drilling and Underbalanced Operations Conference and Exhibition in Galveston, Texas.  The paper is coauthored by Hat Creek Energy LLC, Weatherford International, and Bruington Engineering LLC.