Bruington Engineering, LLC. provides superior technical and operational expertise to oil and gas operations in all phases of drilling, completion, production engineering, and economic analysis. It also provides consulting services to professional firms and financial institutions.

Bruington Engineering, LLC. is the sole source for all your petroleum engineering and consulting needs. Since 1986, we have been providing the highest quality drilling and completion engineering and consulting services to our clients, with nearly 100 combined years of oil and gas engineering experience to date.

And that’s only the beginning…

In addition to our core competency of drilling and completion design and operations, and our loyal, professional on-site supervisors, we excel in many other areas. Let us help you with log interpretation and analysis, property evaluation, reserve and risk analysis, overall reservoir interpretation, facility design and installation, pipeline design and installation, specialized engineering troubleshooting, geological and geophysical analysis and modeling, and total well project supervision. Highly detailed cost analysis, AFE generation, and HPHT work is a trademark of our company.


  • Vertical, directional, and horizontal wellbores
  • Review offset data and prepare AFE
  • Design all aspects of the drilling operations
  • Required drilling equipment
  • Bits, drill string, hydraulics
  • Casing, wellhead, cementing
  • Obtain bids for required services and equipment
  • Prepare detailed drilling plan and if required, select vendors
  • Implement and supervise drilling plan

Completion & Workover:

  • Vertical, directional, and horizontal wellbores
  • Design completion/workover equipment and services
  • Perforating guns, packer assemblies, flow tests, fishing and stimulation treatments
  • Obtain bids for required services and equipment
  • Prepare detailed completion/workover plan and if required, select vendors
  • Implement and supervise completion workover plan

Facility Installation:

  • Design and size separators, line heater, heater treater, meter run, dehydrator, flowline, artificial lift and compression
  • Obtain bids for required equipment and if required, select vendors.
  • Prepare and implement facility installation

Economics & Reservoir:

  • Reserve calculations, production forecast, cash flow projections, estate and property evaluations
  • Acquisition and divestiture consulting
  • Pressure transient analysis
  • Log evaluation
  • Membership in Balcones Energy Library, Inc. provides quick access to logs, maps, scout tickets, completion information and production histories

Property Management &

Operations Consulting:

  • Asset purchase and sales consultation
  • Field contract management
  • Pumping service personnel and office engineering service
  • Field monitoring, production planning and optimization

Geological & Geophysical:

  • 2D/3D Seismic interpretation (SMT software)
  • Prospect Evaluation
  • Wellsite open hole log supervision and evaluation Geologic map and cross-section preparation


Bruington Engineering, LLC. provides specialized well-site consulting for almost any oilfield related task including but not limited to: drilling, completions, frac, facility, pipeline, construction, landowner relations, etc.

Our consultants are a loyal group of experienced individuals, motivated to always represent our company and that of the clients’ in the most reputable way possible.

Our proprietary system of new consultant selection (and retention) has allowed Bruington Engineering, LLC to maintain a high degree of respect in the industry.

We have always believed that not only should a field consultant possess the proper skill set for a particular job, they should also possess the right character traits that mesh well with that of each individual clients’. Therefore, we believe our proprietary system of client/consultant matching provides immediate and positive results to the operation.