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Petroleum engineering consultants perform an indispensable service to the petroleum industry. They offer a uniquely high level of service and expertise without the overhead associated with an in-house engineering department as well as serve to compliment and assist a well-established, however overloaded, engineering group. Reducing unknowns, minimizing risk and capital outlay, and maximizing performance while dwelling on overall job safety are the cornerstones of our reputation. Blending old-school know-how, raw engineering discipline, and a steadfast work ethic with the latest in new-age oilfield technology is what Bruington Engineering, LLC. is all about.


Bruington Engineering, LLC.provides superior technical and operational expertise to oil and gas operations in all phases of drilling, completion, production engineering, and economic analysis. It also provides consulting services to professional firms and financial institutions.
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Our people behave ethically by being truthful,courteous and respectful. We value professionalism, long-term relationships and effective communication, both internally and with our customers and vendors.
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Customer service is our first priority. The company's goal is to maintain a reputation capable of attracting customers by effectively identifying and serving their indiviual needs.
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